Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven~ Author Unknown

Monday night is not a usual blogging night for me (so I will keep it short), however this evening a “topic” came my way that I could not resist turning into my next post…

While walking from my car to my flat, I was stopped in my path by a neighbour who’s opening line was ” Have you seen the dead cat?”…does it get any more random???

 To provide context to the bizarreness of this situation I have never spoken to this man in my life, these are his chosen first words to me. If this was a starter to a general chat or introduction this would be weird enough (usually hello is a good starter in my book) but then it gets even more strange. It turns out this random statement is his “ice breaker”. From here it’s takes him less than 3 questions to find out I am single and what I do for a living before he proceeds to then ask me out…so strange!

I am not usually so receptive to the questioning process however, in my defence I am still stunned but the choice of the opening line! Do guys really think this will work?? I am not saying I have never been “manipulated” / impressed by a carefully chosen pick up line or even the odd cheesy line but this takes the biscuit….

 I do think there is place for a funny pick up line, but only if it shows a true sense of humour, is well suited to the situation and delivered with confidence (not arrogance). In this case there was genuinely a dead cat in our car park ( definitely not funny, I am more likely to cry then say yes to a date).

This got me interested into the success rates of chat /pick up lines. My research shows…..there are no statistics to suggest they work! What does this tell you?? I can add no more.

Anyway I said this would be a short blog so I better end this here with a quote or two.

Today’s “quotes” are those spectacular chat up lines, that whenever spoken can transform the most attractive man instantly into like a troll (not a cute one from the 80’s with pink hair, more inline with those that lives under a bridge)

Feel free to add to my list of horrendous chat up lines with a comment?

Bye for now Xoxo

Worst Chat up lines ever:

– You should be arrested.. cos you stole my heart

-Your name must be Gillette? the best a man can get!

– I think I saw you in the dictionary next to woohoo

– Do you have any raisins? How about a date?

– Do you believe in love at first sight? or do you think i should walk past again?

– I bet your last name must be Jacobs? because I think your a real cracker.

– Are you a parking ticket? because you have fine written all over you!

– Is your dad a thief? because he stole the starts and put them in your eyes

– Are your legs hurting cos you’ve been running threw my mind all night long!

Thats it I cannot bring myself to list any more 🙂


4 thoughts on “Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven~ Author Unknown

  1. Oh dear you shouldn’t have asked for comments …..
    1) I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I know I can make your BedRock
    2) Reach for the back of their shirt and look at the tag, then say: Just what I thought, made in Heaven
    3) Hi You’ll do!
    4) I seemed to have lost my number, any chance i could have yours?

    and in a slightly different tone ….

    1) Put your crash helmet on, you’re going through the head board
    2) Are you free tonight, or will it cost me?
    3) ive lost my teddy bear…….do u want to sleep with me tonight?
    4) You might not be the best looking girl here, but beauty is only a light switch away

    Excellent blogging xxx

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