When will I feel like a grown-up?

Not so long ago, I can easily recall,

Skipping along & holding hands,

Playing make-believe with my Mum or my Gran.

Failing in the playground & grazing my knee,

My love in life was only for ponies.

Before I knew it, it was time to study & learn.

Trying to fit in with trend & fashions,

while dealing with my latest crushes.

Friendships & Westlife CD’s shapes these years for me,

Finished with school dances & getting my GCSE.

All too soon it was off to Uni,

Leaving best friends behind,

Not too sure what was ahead of me.

First heartbreaks & domestic training,

Three years that would turn out to be difficult ones for me.

Next its time to find a “Career”, a job just will not do,

At 21 I didn’t have a clue who / what I wanted to be.

From then the years fly by so quickly,

More love &tears, work & responsibility,

Still I have the same question:

Is this how a Grown Up should be?


2 thoughts on “When will I feel like a grown-up?

  1. Great post! I love it. This is the sort of conversation I’ve been having a lot recently. I feel like I should feel like a grown up now, and yet it still feels like I’m a long way of from a “grown-up” life. I guess we’ll all get there eventually…

  2. Wasn’t she a cute baby 🙂 xx
    Excellent blogging, very nicely written. A a role model for people around the world ….. I suggest at no point should you follow my example of “grown up”. xx

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