A Guesty Blog Regarding Tea

Because I haven’t been feeling myself and my blog is looking rather neglected I asked the amazing blogger; if he would write something for me…to my surprise he agreed. It’s a different tone to my normal style but I think he and his writing is amazing and always raises a smile or ten….so over to http://pleasedontslowmedown.wordpress.com make sure you also check out his excellent blog!

The lovely and amazing A Loving Heart is the Truest Wisdom has invited me to write a little guest blog on her bloggy pages, for which I am very grateful for the opportunity. No-one else would be stupid enough to actually let this happen but for some reason she has felt it would be a good move.
I considered writing a blog along the lines as to what her lovely readers would be used to and love. However, my brilliance in that field is rather limited and it would only look like her demented cousin had attacked her PC whilst she was out of the house whilst hyper on sugar and cake. I will ensure that my guest blogging contains no profanities (swearing isn’t cool kids) so as not to upset the readers and keep this lady’s reputation relatively intact. I will try my best. I hope you all enjoy and I hope Sarah can forgive me for the wordy madness that is about to infect her normally lovely and thoughtful pages.

As I sit here slurping on a delectable cup of milky brown loveliness (tea for the un-initiated) in a “Timmy” cup from South Park (yes I am exceptionally grown up, but it’s an exceptional cup) I am thinking about tea and it’s healing properties.
I’m not talking about the ingredients specifically having healing powers, although that would be spectacular if they did. Super Tea they could call it. Or Magic Tea, or Marvellous Tea, or Miracle Tea, or Bamboolingly Barmy Tea …….. oh wait I’ve taken it too far.
Anyway, tea I find can have a very relaxing effect, and the more relaxed you are then the better you feel. If I feel stressed out, I get a good old fat cup (a clean one obviously, but quite important to mention just in case. You don’t want a tea floating with dirty goblets of disgustingness now do you.) If I’m feeling unwell, I head straight for the tea fairy (imagine if she existed!) and it helps me feel better, along with the paracetamol or whatever medicinal wonderment you have been prescribed too obviously, but tea is always the main factor I find.
Tea is a wonder, perhaps the 14th (I’ve lost count as to what number we’re actually supposed to be on) wonder of the world. It should be number one though, bugger the old buildings it’s tea that’s important!
So, tea is one of the most important parts of my life (and if it isn’t in yours then you need to sort yourself out immediately). I am actually obsessed with coffee too. At work I only drink coffee. At home I only drink tea. It’s a weird combo. Most people drink coffee to wake themselves up in a morning right? Nope not me. Tea (well two cups) first thing in the morning before I go to work otherwise I simply would not function. People at work would notice the difference in me if I turned up without a double cup session pre-work. I’d look a mess. Like I’d lived rough for a week (this is how I look in general in a morning until the tea kicks in).
Of course, it is important to give tea a companion. We don’t want it to get lonely now do we. It’d be cruel. Almost tea torture. Poor tea. So, tea is often coupled with our good friend Mr Biscuit, and why not too he’s a very good chuckle. On many an occasion I’ve been supping the delights of cup of tea (YORKSHIRE tea by the way, there is no other type it’s all garbage apart from that) when I can plucked a grouping of crumbly magnificence from a packet and devoured them like a pig from a trough. And then gone back for some more. If there is a packet of biscuits in front of me, it is almost impossible for me to avoid eating at the very least half the packet. Whilst some might see that as a fault and rather unhealthy, I myself see it as extremely healthy and one of my 5 a day. Possibly 4 of my 5 a day on occasions. Probably should eat more fruit. But only after the biscuits.

Anyway, I feel I have rambled on quite enough for one session. I also need to get myself a tea as I am literally dribbling at the prospect now after writing that. Should probably get a towel for the dribble as well. I leave you with a thank you to the lovely lady who let me write on her blog as she is an exceptional person. Make sure you all keep reading her stuff. It’s all very wise and gets you thinking about matters past and present, happy and sad memories, but memories and experiences that make up our lives so each and every one is important to remember. Witha one or two exceptions. Those ones can go to hell.
So, take it easy, enjoy yourselves, and A Loving Heart is the Truest Wisdom will return in the next post with something worth reading rather than this drivel (Sarah there is no editing allowed in this by the way, it all stays in!!)

P.s. I am aware I have a slight tendancy to overuse brackets in my sentences. Sorry about that but it’s tough, that’s just my (ridiculous) style. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Guesty Blog Regarding Tea

  1. How dare you! You just don’t like losing. I would apologise however I refuse on account of me being right and you being wrong. I will not stoop to no ‘x’ levels so XXXXXXX! Ha!

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