ABC Award

Thank you to Will of Heart for nominating me for ABC Award, since this is one of my favorite blogs to read I am more than happy to follow the rules of this one (especially since it is fun too).

All the ABC award requires you to do is to think words that fits me using….

A – Appreciative

B – Boring 🙂

C – Caring

D – Dark haired

E – Emotional

F – Fair

G – Girly

H –  Hard working

I – Imaginative

J – Joyful

K – Karma

L – Loving

M – Motivated

N – Nice

O – Open hearted

P – Pretty ( I wish)

Q – Quiet (hmm)

R – Right (always)

S – Short

T – Tired

U – Unwell

V – Very annoying

W – Woman

X – X-rayed

Y – Yorkshire

Z – Zen

There doesn’t seem to be a rule about how many people I need to nominate  to keep the award going so I have selected a couple:

1. Please dont slow me down

2. The Silent Soul

3. These things and me

4. How not to date Emma

5. Have a dream

Happy weekend everyone! xx


2 thoughts on “ABC Award

  1. If you could change the answer for B and remove the “I wish” from P then that would be great. I will stop laughing at Q at some point, and V is just nonsense. Other than that I agree! xx

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