More questions…

Its seems this week is all about the questions.. since I have been tagged by my good friend  I thought I would answer these too. However I am not going to renominate people otherwise we will go around in circles forever and never blog about anything else – sorry.

So here we go…

1) If you could be any kind of cake, what would it be and why?

a ginger cake simply because it taste soooo nice and everyone love it right?

2) Name 5 CDs that you would take to a desert island (which had electricity) with you.

3 CD’s that a great friend made me, Adele 21 and Luther Vandross greatest hits.

3) What muppet best describes you?

– Abby Cadabby (see above)

4) Favourite type of flower?


5) Favourite cheese?

– Chedder and chive..yummy but smelly and fattening

6) If you had to, would you pluck a duck (not a euphamism) or pickle a frog?

– Pickle a frog, anything with wings scare me.

7) What is the best type of biscuit?

  (Gluten free) Rich Tea, simple but amazing with a cup of tea!

8) If you had one day to live, what would be the most important thing to you to do?

Enjoy every hour, min and second of it.

9) Your celebrity look-a-like?

Courtney Cox (so I am told, I do not agree)

10) Where would you like to get married?

– In Mexico on the beach

11) What’s worse – being kicked in the nuts or giving birth?

– I could make some depressing statement about how I may never know but I will go with giving birth. I am guessing child birth as men just ask like babies when it comes to pain.

All done now



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