My life has a superb cast but I can’t figure out the plot. ~Ashleigh Brilliant

12 months, 365 (ok 366, since it was a leap year) and a lot of change…

Take minute to look around you; does it look similar to the same time last year? Are your surroundings the same? Are you doing the same job? Do you feel like the same person? Are the people in your life the same?

A lot can change in a minute or a day never mind an entire year. In 12 months I have seen people and their lives change a lot, most specifically my closest friends. We seem to be at an age where changes are more significant. Each alteration we make has more of an impact; we can’t swap and change our minds like we did in our teens or early twenties. Each job, relationship, change of location requires more thought, more decision making and impacts those around us. I don’t know that anything else has influenced this only the fact that we ourselves, our personalities have altered. Suddenly we take more time to think things through, more with our heads and less with our hearts? Less impulsive? A new job, moving house, each relationships seems more ‘real’, I guess you could say we are actually growing up…who knew that would really happen!

What I have realised the most is that is doesn’t ‘just happen’, you have to make it happen.  It’s not like the movies where the story is already written and it’s just a case of the scenes playing out. It’s not as easy as plodding along one scene at a time until the happy ending arrives and everything comes together just as it should be. To get somewhere near what you want or even what your dreams are made of, it seems you need to put some effort in. Nothing is simple and getting what you want needs a strong cocktail of; work, courage, patience and decision making. Crying or stomping your foot seems to have stopped working a life time ago. On the plus side, from what I have witnessed it seems worth it all!

12 months ago I thought I was set, work done, decisions made, the road mapped out ahead. Turns out it needed rubbing out and drawing all over again (borrowed that phase from a friend because I love the idea of it). I feel like I have re-drawn the outline, got the key elements in place and I am just waiting to add the next layer of details, however it turns out I already love this picture more than the last. In 12 months’ time the picture might be completely different again..exciting isn’t it?!


To be continued…




4 thoughts on “My life has a superb cast but I can’t figure out the plot. ~Ashleigh Brilliant

  1. It’s why they put erasers on pencils. Time to get a big chuffing biro now and makes things permenantly good xx

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