Innuendo Friday Cooking School

Since you have put so many embarrasing pictures of me on here I thought I would attempt a ‘reblog’ also known as steeling to my blog! haha!

Also as it is, as usual a very funny post, I wanted to add it to mine in hope of raising a smile or too. I cannot believe my little blog has had over 10,000 viewing in just over 12 months.

For everyone that has taken even a min out of there busy lives to read it I am very grateful, it makes me smile every time I recieve a comment or simply a ‘Like’ on my posts.

Anyway enough ramblings I just wanted to say thankyou and sharing pictures of me making an idiot of myself seems to be a good way to do that 🙂



One thought on “Innuendo Friday Cooking School

  1. They’re not embarrasing photos, they are rather marvellous I believe! Obviously as I took them with my superb camera skills! ha. Congrats on the 10,000 hits – told you that you were a bit good! xx

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