A few nice words can help people more than you think….

Firstly I know it has been ages and ages since I have taken time to write on my blog. I guess life has just been a little manic and to be honest I haven’t been that inspired. Then this morning the title of the blog, those few little words pop-up on a social media site and it got my thinking…

My last few weeks has had its up’s and downs and what has genuinely got my though has a few kind words from those around me. I wanted to write something about how much of a difference it has made to me in order to prompt myself to remember to do the same to others.

I think if I had to pick a ‘favourite few words’ that I have heard/ received of late it would have to be receiving this quote from a friend in the post (yes in the post how perfect is that…)

Moving on, tedious link or not, other words that have been keeping my focus and a smile on my face is my new found ‘fangirl’ love for Darren Hayes. I recently went to see him on concert on 28th September in Manchester and I have to say it was the best concert I have ever been too.  I had been listening to his CD for months in advance and while the song lyrics were amazing to sing along to in the car they took it to a new level that night. The acoustics of the small location made his amazing voice sound perfect. Usually I will leave a concert with a sore thought, or even worse I lose my voice 3 songs in to the show. On this night I found myself just listening or softly whispering the words as I didn’t want to miss a min of his amazing voice or carefully chosen.

Ok so before this goes any further or I start to sound completely OTT (and I fear I have already gone too far) I think it’s time to wrap this up.

As you can expect todays quotes are some (not all as I would be here all day) of my favour Darren Hayes lyrics, words that have soothed/ healed me over the last few weeks and for those around me….sorry the crazy addition is not disappearing any time soon I just ordered a new CD…..and I am not really sorry!

Happy Friday everyone xxx

My friends tell me I should look around for somebody new
But they don’t know you……

Hand upon the Bible
Your love is survival I tell you ~ God Walking Into The Room

Nobody gets me Nobody gets me
Nobody gets me like you ~ Cruel Cruel World

Love, You’re in pieces
There’s no one left to lay you down
Or say it’s okay
On the worst night
Of the worst year that we might fall
We’ll go out punching

You hit me like a subway train~ Bloodstained Hearts

And my heart’s in a mess because my nearly love is not real enough ~ Nearly Love
No stop all the rain and poison the ground
love doesn’t want to hang around
go turn all the fruits into bits of wine
it was only sweet when you were mine

…..And nothing compares
how could it even dare ~ Black Out The Sun

Don’t give up don’t give up don’t give up on our love story when you can’t
Go on
Don’t give up don’t give up always dark before the morning when you can’t
Go on
You be a brave heart I’ll be a lion’s roar
And love surrenders to win the war

And I wanna run away from this but I never leave a sinking ship no
Without you in it there’s no point to our story oooh ~ Don’t Give Up

I know you think we’re better alone.

Sometimes all the words are unsaid

but you listen to them argue every night in your head.

Just breathe in and out. ~ Talk Talk Talk
Sold my kingdom for a war with you
With you ~ Stupid Mistake lyrics

As a broken promise returns too late
Another sunset meets an argument
Fade out of nowhere into nothing
Into nothing at all

How did my love turn into something
That you don’t really want ~ Nothing


Shining like a ray of hope swift like a turning sea
Angel to comfort me
Cradling my head in your hands…

And I want you and that’s so terrifying
And I want you to help put out the fire
Because I am an island
And you are the ocean
And all of my sadness taken by the sea ~ Taken By The Sea Lyrics

Never felt pleasure and pain like this…

One of us gotta let go of this ~Strange Relationship


I wish that I could be eleven again That E.T was my friend You know that life
was so simple then Times have changed Never be the same The memory remains And
the melody inside my heart ~ Crush (1980 Me)

 Photo by Ellis Parrinder

(for Amy xx)

Enough now??? Ok I am done …for now



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